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Rescue Stories

'Woody' was with us for 5 months, he arrived with behavioral problems and was a biter. We got him to sit before we would feed him, socialized and into a routine. He became more playful and was eventually re homed in Kent where he settled in well as he needed to be on a one to one with his new owner.

A Tri colour, also a biter and had been tormented by children, he settled into 'boot camp' and was soon re homed in Essex where the new owner wanted a dog as security as they were on their own.

A Black + Tan, now 9 months old had been dumped on the A2 road when it was about 5 months old. The local dog warden had concerns about its health so asked Rescue to take over. After a good bath and a period of assessment it was fostered with new owners. It has epilepsy and Charity funds continue to pay for the treatment.

A Cavalier came in with very little fur, it was kept for 2 weeks and the hair started growing again. New owners were found in Hastings and after a few months we received a picture of a dog with a wonderful coat of hair.

On one occasion 22 Cavaliers were collected at once with coats matted, fleas and in poor condition. Our local Vet came and inspected them all, gave booster inoculations, eye drops and treatment to those in need. Over the next couple of months all had been rehomed.

This is just one of the typical letters we receive from new owners who have taken on a Cavalier through the Rescue services.

Lilly settled in immediately - walked into the house as though she had been living here for ever, went into every room, then investigated- the garden - I don't think she had ever seen tortoises before and when she noticed my two walking around, she was extremely comical to watch! After she had decided the tortoises were 'safe' she came back into the house, made herself comfortable on her new dog-bed and went to sleep!

She has been given a completely clean bill-of-health from our vet. She is eating a varied, but healthy diet. We have been enjoying up to three walks a day (extremely good therapy for me too, after the recent sad loss of my husband!) She walks perfectly on a lead, sits patiently at the kerb and has made friends with 'most' of the dog population of my local park.

She is a happy, well adjusted dog and is as good as gold. My family and everyone who meets her has fallen in love with her.

As I am typing this, Lilly is sitting at my feet, but as you can see from the photo's I have enclosed, she has made friends with one of my Teddy bears and I regularly find her curled up asleep on it's legs.

PB June 2008

Angel Image © Barbara Reese